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PSNA Award Winners


Phytochemical Pioneer Awards

Given by the society in recognition of significant contribututions to Phytochemical research

  • 2016 Norman Lewis
  • 2015 Richard Dixon
  • 2011 Eric Conn and Richard Hemmingway
  • 2010 Meinhart Zenk
  • 2008 Helen Stafford and Ulrich Matern
  • 2007 Frank Loewus and Eric Conn
  • 2006 Neil Towers, Stewart Brown and Nikolas Fischer

PSNA Life Membership Awards

Given by the PSNA in recogntion of oustanding support to the organization and goals of the Phytochmical Society of North America.

  • 2015 Cecilia McIntosh
  • 2008 John T. Romeo
  • Stewart Brown
  • Leonard Jurd
  • Neil Towers
  • Constance Nozzalillo
  • Eric Conn
  • Victor Runeckles
  • Tein Tso
  • Gestur Johnson
  • Helen Stafford
  • Simon Wender
  • Ragia Ibrahim
  • Tom Mabry
  • Frank Loewus

Elsevier Phytochemistry Young Investigator Award

The P-PSNA Reseach Award for $10,000 was established in 2012 and is given each year by to outstanding early career scientists that are members of the PSNA. The researcher chosen will present their research at the following annual meeting.

  • 2016 Hiroshi Maeda, University of Wisconsin
  • 2014 Nicole Clay, Yale University
  • 2012 Aimee L. Eggler, Villanova University

Arthur C. Neish Young Investigator Awards

The Arthur C. Neish Young Investigator Awards are given each year by the PSNA to outstanding early career scientists. The young investigators chosen will present their research at the annual meeting as part of the Arthur C. Neish Young Investigator Mini-symposium.

  • 2017 Daniel K. Owens
  • 2016 Hiroshi Maeda, Xu (Sirius) Li, Philip Bates, Clare Casteel
  • 2015 Abe Koo, Martha Vaughan, and Philipp Zerbe
  • 2014 Leslie M. Hicks
  • 2013 Diana Roopchand, Dejan Nikolic, and Daniel Vassao
  • 2012 Daniel Cook and Mark W. Sumarah
  • 2011 Albena Dinkova-Kostova, Mi Kwon, Aruna Kilaru, Adrian D. Hegeman
  • 2010 Nikolas Fokialakis, Robert W. Nicol, Taiji Nomura, and Kye Won Kim
  • 2009 Gale Bozzo, Sangeeta Dauhbhadel, Syed G A Moinuddin, and Deyu Xie
  • 2008 Nancy Terrier
  • 2007 Reinhold Jetter, Joseph Jez, Michael Jourdes, Markus Lange, Sarah O’Connor, Dorthea Tholl
  • 2006 Kevin Walker, Xing-Cong Li, Fabricio Medina-Bolivar, Reuben Peters, and Steven Ralph
  • 2005 Mary Wildermuth, Bjoern Hamberger, Yunde Zhao, and Ed Cahoon
  • 2004 Patrick Pollefeys, Diane Martin, Jane Coventry, Jihong Wang, and Debra Inglis
  • 2003 Brian Traw, John Tooker, Eva Castells
  • 2002 Jorge Vivanco, Sergio Peraza-Sanchez, Melina Lopez Meyer, Argelia Lorence, Wolfgang Schuhly
  • 2001 Man-Ho Cho, David Gang, Ikhlas Khan, Theunis van Aardt
  • 2000 Frederique Hillou, Edward Braun, Lukas Mueller, Mark Schoenbeck

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