Soci&eacuteté Phytochimique de
L'Am&eacuterique du Nord
Sociedad Fitoqu&iacutemica de
Am&eacuterica del Norte

Previous Meetings and Symposia

Symposia of the PSNA and its precursor society have been published annually since 1966 under the title Recent Advances in Phytochemistry.
Year  Location Symposium Title (linked to volume contents)
1961  Fort Collins, CO, USA Biochemistry of plant phenolic substances
1962  Corvallis, OR, USA Plant phenolics and their industrial significance
1963 Toronto, ONT, CANADA Aspects of plant phenolic chemistry
1964 Norwood, MA, USA Phenolics in normal and diseased fruits and vegetables
1965 Albany, CA, USA Phenolic compounds and metabolic regulation
1966 Austin, TX, USA Recent advances in phytochemistry
1967 Madison, WI, USA Phytochemical techniques
1968 Tucson, AZ, USA Phytochemistry and the plant environment
1969 Banff, ALB, CANADA Enzymology and biochemistry of phenolics
1970 Beltsville, MD, USA Structural aspects of phytochemistry
1971 Monterrey, NL, MEXICO Terpenoid chemistry and biochemistry
1972 Syracuse, NY, USA Chemistry and biochemistry of plant hormones
1973 Pacific Grove, CA, USA Metabolism and regulation of secondary plant products
1974 Cullowhee, NC, USA Phytochemistry in relation to disease and medicine
1975 Tampa, FL, USA Biochemical interaction between plants and insects
1976 Vancouver, BC, CANADA The structure, biosynthesis and degradation of wood
1977 Gent, BELGIUM Biochemistry of plant phenolics
1978 Stillwater, OK, USA Topics in the biochemistry of natural products
1979 De Kalb, IL, USA Resource potential in phytochemistry
1980 Pullman, WA, USA Phytochemistry of cell recognition and cell surface interactions
1981 Ithaca, NY, USA Cellular and subcellular localization in plant metabolism
1982 Ottawa, ONT, CANADA Mobilization of reserves in germination
1983 Tucson, AZ, USA Phytochemical adaptation to stress
1984 Boston, MA, USA Chemically mediated interactions between plants & other organisms
1985 Pacific Grove, CA, USA The Shikimate Pathway: Recent developments
1986 College Park, MD, USA The phytochemical effects of environmental compounds
1987 Tampa, FL, USA Opportunities for phytochemistry in plant biotechnology
1988 Iowa City, IA, USA Plant nitrogen metabolism
1989 Vancouver, BC, CANADA Biologically active products of the mevalonic acid pathway
1990 Quebec City, PQ, CANADA Modern phytochemical methods
1991 Fort Collins, CO, USA Phenolic metabolism in plants
1992 Miami Beach, FL, USA Phytochemical potential of tropical plants
1993 Pacific Grove, CA, USA Genetic engineering of plant secondary metabolism
1994 Mexico City, MEXICO Phytochemistry of medicinal plants
1995 Sault Ste. Marie, ONT, CANADA Phytochemical redundancy in ecological interactions
1996 New Orleans, LA, USA Food phytochemicals: flavors, stimulants and health promoters
1997 Leiden, The Netherlands Plant communication with the environment
1998 Pullman, WA, USA Phytochemicals in Human Health Protection,Nutrition, Plant Defense
1999 Montreal, QUE CANADA Evolution of Metabolic Pathways
2000 Beltsville, MD, USA Regulation of Phytochemicals by Molecular Techniques
2001 Oklahoma City, OK, USA Phytochemistry in the Genomics and Post-Genomics Eras
Merida, MEXICO
Integrative Phytochemistry; From Ethnobotany to Molecular Ecology
Peoria, IL, USA
Secondary Metabolism in Model Systems